About Handweaving by Nancy


"To create and design fabric one thread at a time creates a rhythm to my life.”

Handweaving by Nancy O’Connor is a small business located in southern NH that is keeping alive a traditional craft. Each textile is woven thread by thread on large floor looms at her mountainside home. When Nancy O’Connor bought a simple back strap loom over 45 years ago  little did she realize that it was just the beginning of a life long  passion for weaving.  


 Products  include luxurious scarves and shawls woven with a dreamy soft bamboo fiber. Bamboo shawls and scarves have a beautiful drape and a elegant  sheen for the perfect night out on the town. Other products include dazzling chenille scarves that will surely chase away the winters blues.


New  England’s four seasons and a rich weaving tradition influence the colors and patterns of these creations. The finely finished products and assortment of color combinations reflect over 45 years of weaving experience.    

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League of the New Hampshire Craftsmen


New Hampshire Weavers Guild


New Hampshire Made

Handweaving by Nancy

Forty-five Years of Weaving Excellence