Steps of Fabric Strip Weaving


New Fabric

Step 1.  A selection of color compatible new fabrics are washed to eliminate shrinkage and then steam pressed.

Fabric stripper

Preparing the Fabric Strips for Weaving

Step 2. Fabric is cut is into one inch strips.

Warping board

Preparing the Warp

Step 3.  After designing the color way and color order of the warp the cotton yarn is measured onto a warping board.

Threading  and warping the loom

Preparing the Loom

Step 4.  The next process is to thread the loom and wind the yardage onto the loom.

Prepared fabric strips

Fabric Selection

Step 5.  The fabric strips are like a palette. Colorway selections are finalized before starting to weave. 

Hemming edge woven fabric while on the loom

Weaving the Fabric

Step 6. A hem is hand sewn across the warp and creates a finished edge when removed from the loom. 

Rolling fabric strip weft to be beaten into warp


Step 7.  Each cotton fabric strip has to be rolled to make sure the backside of the fabric and cut edges are enclosed. 

Weaving the rag fabric


Step 8.  Each  strip of fabric  is rolled and beaten in. When adding a new strip the end is cut into a point and rolled into the previous strip. It takes approximately one hour to weave 12” of fabric! 


Woven rag rugs and pillow covers off the loom

Finishing the Woven Fabric

Step 9.  After the woven fabric  comes off the loom it  has to be wet finished for complete shrinkage, dried and steamed.

Rag pillow cover finishing

Rag Pillow Finishing

When creating  decorative pillows the fabric is serged, machine stitched and hand hemmed onto a commercial pillow form. 

Braiding rag rug fringe

Rug Finishing

Rag accent rugs have one extra step before completion. The fringe is hand braided for a long lasting neat finish.